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About Us


Asset Jewel Pack Co.,Ltd

Asset Thai Package & Display Co., Ltd


Founded in 1975, our company started off as a family business run by our parents. The business went so well that it was passed on to us. Due to the fast growing market of jewelry industry nowadays, we are expanding the company to accommodate the need of customers. We are expert for jewelry boxes and packagings.

Product Variety

We provide a wide selection of jewelry display and packaging products, including jewelry boxes, presentation trays, display stands, acrylic and rasin jewelry displays, as well as jewelry accessory products.

Made to Order

We are also designing and creating new products with modern materials and using new techniques to produce our goods. "Bring your Ideas and let we make them true"

Customer Services

We have two branches to accommodate both local and international customers. Asset Jewel Pack Co.,Ltd targets at domestic customers, meanwhile Asset Thai Package & Display Co.,Ltd aims to provide the best exporting products for international customers. We have strong commitment to provide excellent services and supply of goods at very competitive price. We are available for our customer over the world.

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